Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Studio Progress

There have been so many discussions on Etsy about studio space and keeping everything in order. I truley wish I could hire Mel from HautTotes to come help me:) Im posting some pics of the new studio as it is right now:) It needs hours and hours of work yet, but its going to be great when it is done, there are 2 rooms and I can close them off to keep them seperate. Please if you have ANY IDEAS share them....Any at all, Im at a loss for storage with a sloped ceiling.


  1. Your space will be fabulous. Two rooms! I'm green with envy!

  2. To have a dedicated art space...incredible!

    I am just now taking over a room and setting up too. A little corner in the bedroom is so not cutting it. :-)

    Be sure to post pics when you are done!