Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Witch's Tools - Steampunk Inspired ASSEMBLAGE CHARM NECKLACE of NEEDFUL THINGS - MADE EXCLUSIVELY by TheSteampunkTrunk

DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM - your keys, monocle, and don't forget your POTION BOOSTER!

This is a very fun assembly of vintage goodies that include a wonderful vintage brass monocle (with the rare beautiful blue lens) a vintage skeleton key that someone at some time has tried way too hard to use, as it is a teeny bit twisted...and

No witches kit would be complete without the potion booster! This one is special though, the boost is GENUINE GARNETS AND SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS! I have included 9 of these little beauties in the bottle, which is sealed up tight so you don't lose them.

These treasures hang from a solid brass charm keeper that has a hooked end to keep everything safe.

All suspended on 24 inches of VINTAGE textured chain that closes with a C type spring clasp.

Thanks for looking!


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