Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Steampunk Inspired Pocketbook Purse Hook Holder with Swarovski Crystal Rose by TheSteamPunkTrunk

These are such a nifty idea:)

Lets say you go out to lunch with the girls, 4 of you, 4 chairs..where do you put your purse? You don't want to hang it on the back of your chair...someone could just walk off with it and no one would know until you get up to leave. I wouldn't think of putting it on the floor, who knows whats been on that thing. This is the perfect answer. Unfold your purse hook, place the rubber backed disk on the table and hang your purse right off of the table.

Amazingly strong, the weight of your purse keeps it hanging.
This hook measures 1 3/4 inches across when folded and is kept folded by itty bitty magnets embedded into it.

When unfolded it is 3 1/4 inches long. Comes with a cute organza draw string bag for storage when not in use.

I have added a vintage watch movement to this one and a gorgeous pink Swarovski rose.

Thanks for looking:) http://bit.ly/1ayc0n

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